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As native New Yorkers living in New York City, we found ourselves at the epicenter of America’s COVID-19 pandemic.  In the face of sheer human devastation and the country coming to a grinding halt, we felt relatively helpless but made a commitment to do whatever we could to help.  As entrepreneurs with nearly 30 years of experience in Japan and South Korea, it was clear that a big part of winning this battle involved the broad adoption of the highest quality face masks.  

We committed to offering the most protective and comfortable non-N95 masks on the market with transparency and integrity, while treating our community with dignity and respect.  We launched NanoAirMask.com in June of 2020 and were soon featured on NBC’s Today Show and in Newsweek, Forbes, Money and various other media networks.  The reception was overwhelmingly positive but we knew we could do better with constructive feedback from thousands of customers to improve the product and customer experience.  

We launched DESAVO as our latest generation exclusive brand to meet the various needs of our discerning customers. DESAVO has been selected as a preferred mask partner to help protect some of the largest companies in the world, leading TV and Film production studios, and professional sports teams and leagues. These partnerships were launched after a rigorous vetting process to select a mask with the best combination of fit, comfort, breathability and filtration efficiency. Their choice was DESAVO.

DESAVO was tested by CDC/NIOSH’s testing lab, NPPTL (National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory) -- the publicly available full assessment may be found here.  DESAVO is not an N95 mask and is not NIOSH-approved. 

We are happy to now make the identical masks used by our corporate partners and professional athletes directly available to the general public through DESAVO.com.

We appreciate there are seemingly endless choices when it comes to masks and believe people inherently want to Select the best products available, Protect themselves, and Respect each other.  

Select.  Protect.  Respect.

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